Sublime Text, SFTP, and Media Temple

I spent entirely too much time sorting through everything I needed to do to get the SFTP plugin for Sublime Text 3 working with my hosting (Media Temple). Here are some quick notes to hopefully save someone else the hassle.

  1. Set the server admin password (how-to)
  2. Enable SSH (how-to)
  3. Install Sublime SFTP to Sublime Text 3 (how-to)
  4. Follow instructions that will generate the sftp-config.json (how-to)
  5. Then for Media Temple I modified the following in sftp-config.json

“type”: “sftp”,
“host”: “yourAccessDomain“,
“user”: “yourDomain”,
“password”: “yourServerAdminPassword”,
“port”: “22”,
“remote_path”: “/home/yourSiteNumber/users/.home/domains/yourDomain/html”,
“ftp_passive_mode”: true,